Delivering the Right Information at the Right Time​

Let’s face it: times have changed. The era of deploying company representatives to every hospital has become impractical and costly. Embrace the future of medical procurement with us.
Direct your sales efforts precisely where they count: at the moment your audience is actively seeking the solutions you offer.
Showcase your products and educate your customers about the groundbreaking solutions you provide.

Stay Ahead of Opportunities​

Do you wish you could stay ahead of upcoming RFPs and be well-prepared? Our predictive model gathers real-time data on emerging trends, funding announcements, and industry news, empowering you with timely insights to strategically position your solution.

Security from the ground up

Our system is built with data security and confidentiality in mind. We protect your contacts information and keep your data secure from your competition.

Concise impact, instant connection​

Showcase your medical solutions’ impact — driving value, enhancing patient experiences, optimizing workflows, speeding up diagnoses, etc. giving your target market precisely what they need to know. Because in a world where time is precious, skip the marketing brochure and deliver impactful insights directly.

Highlight your innovation​

Elevate your breakthrough technologies beyond trade shows. Market your solutions strategically to your target audience, because sometimes, your target market may not even know these solutions exist in the ever-changing medtech landscape.


Yes! In most cases we’ll sign your corporate NDA as well if that’s easier. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words!  Book a call with us today and we’ll show you the solution provider profile pages and the value you’ll get from the platform. 

Our proprietary AI helps to match recent news, technology breakthroughs, and user behaviour to understand who is looking for new solutions and will provide unprecedented information about the teams, and they needs. 

Yes!  We believe in a security first approach to your data.