Our artificial intelligence platform is transforming healthcare supply chain

MedReddie is bridging clinical and industry collaboration for innovative, impactful medical solution procurement. Building a good RFP used to mean months of research, frustration, and uncertainty. Now you can get the best RFP questions for all your medical devices inquiries based on your specific clinical needs in minutes.

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Saving Buyers Time

Research and plan strategy for procurement of medical technology in hours instead of months. MedReddie aligns with and augments the procurement templates, P2P platform, or category management framework currently in place.

Unparalleled Supplier Insights

Augment your marketing efforts and extend your reach to decision-makers with fewer barriers, clear differentiation, and identification of emerging market opportunities.

Our Goal

Quintuple Aim Framework

We’ve adopted the quintuple aim framework in healthcare with a view to increasing and measuring value. By applying value-based procurement and value-based supply principles to produce a value-based healthcare approach, MedReddie aims to help all the stakeholders in the healthcare market to optimize their processes and interactions.

Enhancing Patient Experience
Improving Population Health
Ensuring Health Equality
Improved Healthcare Provider Experience
Lowering Cost
How We Do It

Save time and reduce costs

Unlock value-based procurement that focuses on clinical and patient focused outcomes, so that hospitals can focus on what matters most — patient care.

More Knowledge
in less time

Find the right medical solutions

From months,
to minutes

More knowledge in less time

Get the latest, accurate and relevant RFP questions for any piece of medical equipment, device, consumable, software or service.. Our system develops RFP questions rooted in peer-reviewed medical research and validated by procurement professionals. Together we can enhance your procurement process for evolving medical equipment and regulations. Get the products you need based on the outcomes your clients need, not just what’s available.

Find the right medical solutions

Medreddie’s artificial intelligence and machine learning platform are powered by medical journal research to revolutionize the procurement process, enable value-based healthcare and improve patient outcomes. Not only do we ensure you’re looking at the latest information from the suppliers you know, but we’ll show you the new and emerging technology from all over the globe and certified in your country.

Want to get your new technology in front of the right people? See what we can do for Medical solution providers.

From months to minutes

Your time is precious, and instead of figuring out what equipment to buy, we’ll help get you back to work. Medreddie will save you months of time getting your RFP launched, getting you the right equipment in place faster than ever before. Lead your clinic into the future of healthcare.
Use our RFP generation tool to get the latest innovative technology, designed for the clinical outcomes you need.


Meet the Team

Led by our founder, Kara LeBlanc, our team comes from a diverse background in data science, product development, medical device procurement and more.  We understand the struggles in delivering on value-based healthcare, and are here to drive a new vision for healthcare delivery that prioritizes both efficiency and patient-centered care. By integrating cutting-edge technology with deep industry insights, we aim to transform the way healthcare providers approach treatment, management, and patient engagement, setting new standards for excellence in healthcare.